What is a customer avatar?

July 27, 2022 6:45 am


An avatar of your ideal customer is a detailed description of who you want to attract as a customer. The system does not make any assumptions or categorise people into any groups based on their behaviour. For example, there is one person portrayed in the avatar, and all the information about that person is given. Unlike a regular marketing persona, a marketing persona is much more in-depth and provides marketers with a vast array of practical targeting tools. You want to target your ideal customer at the very beginning of your sales process. This type of customer is usually very loyal, repeat buying, high-spending, and refers others to you. They will still need to be identified, and that is where KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER from w2  can play its part.

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Here are some key areas to look at when creating your customer avatar.

Gender – this could be noted whether the product or service that you have is directed at a particular gender or if a specific gender is more likely to make the buying decision.

Age – again, this could be a product or service that is targeted to a particular age group, or it could be that the product has a natural appeal to those of a certain age.

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Location – this looks at the geographic area that your ideal customer is from. This is incredibly useful if you are thinking of spending money or targeted ads in the future.

Other areas to consider are income, education, occupation, interests, challenges and motivations.