Things to Know While Buying a New Security Seal

November 2, 2020 4:28 pm


Cargo theft and tempering of objects are common problems of the supply chain. You need high-level security to prevent the goods in transit from such scams. Terrorism attacks are also included in the list of threats. The use of security seals is one of the best options regarding the security of good. The following are certain things that you must know before buying the new security seal.

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Security seals should be selected carefully by remembering some key factors such as:

Moreover, you can specify the seals to your business by using color-coding. It makes the security seals unique to your company. For more information on the best Security Seal, visit a site like Acme Seals

Storage and installation:

The seals once received should be checked thoroughly and stored in a secure area of the office or company. The only authorized person should be able to access these security seals. A complete record of the seal should be kept before it leaves your boundaries. Installation should be handed over to only well-trained personnel.

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Before the seal is applied, you should direct a visual review of the seal and the locking area. To affirm if the seal has been introduced effectively, delicately pull the seal separated to guarantee that the locking system has been appropriately locked in.


The seal is again inspected at the arrival of cargo before removing it. Any signs of breakage or tempering should be reported clearly before removing the seal.