Perfect Trees for a Small Garden

June 4, 2021 5:38 am


Trees are of huge importance to our planet – providing oxygen to the atmosphere, food to the eco system and with their natural relaxing presence it is little wonder that they are something that many of us enjoy in our own back gardens.


If you have a smaller garden, you might think that you are not able to have a tree -but there are lots of trees that are well suited to a smaller garden. When it comes to having a tree in a smaller garden, the key is to make sure that it is well maintained by a professional like this tree surgery Gloucester based company Geoffrey Urch.


Here are some of the best trees for small gardens…

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Peach Trees- As well as having a beautiful tree in the garden, a peach tree will also offer you delicious fruits to enjoy too! They are ideally placed in a warm and sheltered area which gets plenty of sunshine. Protect them from frost to prevent damage to the flowers in the spring.


Ornamental Cherry Trees – These dainty and beautiful trees are a favourite for smaller gardens. Their most attractive feature is the stunning displays of blossom in the spring which is well loved by bees.

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Hawthorn – This UK native is a common sight in the UK hedgerows, often known as the may tree, named after the month, that it produces its beautiful flowers. It has also long been associated with the fairies, and it is believed to protect the home from misfortune.