Is it Time to Update Your Plumbing?

June 30, 2022 4:58 pm


If your house is at least a couple of decades old, it may be time to consider updating your plumbing. Different materials and construction techniques have different lifespans, and if your pipes are approaching four decades of use, you need to replace them. If you suspect that you’re due for an upgrade, here are a few reasons why. Listed below are some of the most common reasons why it might be time to update your plumbing.

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The material used for plumbing in older homes varies wildly. Some homes have lead pipes, which is highly toxic. If you’re unsure, you can have your pipes tested. If you notice any lead or a high level of lead in your pipes, you’ll want to stop using water for a while. You may find that lead pipes are corroded and need to be replaced.

Another common reason to update your plumbing is poor water quality. You might notice poor water pressure, or your drains may take longer to run. You might also notice mould growing in your walls. If you’ve had a leak, the problem is likely due to corrosion. Alternatively, you might notice mould growing on pipes hidden inside your walls. To get the best advice on whether it’s time to update your plumbing, call a professional plumber. Damaged pipes can benefit from Drain Lining Slough from a site like

Removing old pipes might mean reconfiguring existing plumbing lines, and installing new fixtures. However, if you’ve already decided to remodel, you can take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your space. New fixtures may add a touch of high-end plumbing to your space. However, remember that updating your plumbing is a major project. Don’t try to do it yourself unless you’re confident.

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Whether your pipes are too old is a matter of personal choice. You may need to replace your old pipes if they’ve been failing for a few years. The lifespan of your pipes depends on their condition and the type of water you use. If your pipes are well-maintained, you may not need to replace them. But if your pipes have been neglected, they might have to be replaced sooner. If you live in a hard water area, you might need to replace them sooner.

Another important factor that should be taken into consideration when replacing your plumbing is leaks. If you’re dealing with a leak, it’s best to call a plumber before it gets worse. Often, a minor leak can lead to a larger problem that needs to be fixed or replaced. Eventually, you may need to replace the entire plumbing system. Luckily, there are a few signs that indicate it’s time to update your plumbing.