How Does Gate Automation Work?

June 29, 2021 5:32 am


When a gate is up and running, the motor body of the gate moves into place to protect the gate from unwanted visitors and to close and lock. The gate motor consists of four major parts namely the drive unit, the gate arm, the gate trolley and the electric motor. Gate arm consists of a crank arm and two wheels which are fitted onto the gate body. The drive unit consists of a shaft which rotates the gate arm and the trolley rotates on top of the crank. The gate trolley carries a cable which runs from the electric motor to the gate arm and from the gate arm to the trolley.

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The advancements in technology have led to automatic gates being installed in more premises. It is a boon to property owners who do not want to bother about maintaining their property and want a fuss-free surrounding. Automatic gates come with an array of features that enable them to operate effectively without human supervision. They can be used to maintain properties like pools, walkways, parking lots, tennis courts, residential houses, commercial spaces, hospitals, shopping malls, schools and even airports. For details on an Electric Gate Company Gloucester, consider Complete Gate Automation, a leading Electric Gate Company Gloucester

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The entire process of gate installation is straightforward and takes about one day to install. The electric gates are manufactured to match the exterior of the property and can be customised to fit a wide range of requirements.