Blocked Drains Can Be Crumbling Before Your Eyes

May 5, 2021 4:45 pm


Blocked drains are a common plumbing problem that plumbers can usually resolve without the cost and inconvenience of replacing pipes. A blocked drain is the main channel or tube for waste liquid or water to be flushed away, either toward a drain receptacle, into an alternate stream, Funneled to stormwater drainage, or into sewer lines.

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When these waste materials are unable to move properly, such as due to weight or channel pressure, they accumulate in one of several ways, including in narrow cracks, under the surface in a pool of water, in or beneath the pavement, and in grout lines and tile flooring. The blockage can impede the free passage of liquid waste, which can range from partially absorbed liquid (as in urine) to a full capacity flow. Sometimes, it is only a matter of time before blocking drains become a major plumbing emergency requiring professional blocked drain service.

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The best way to address blocked drains is to get a professional plumber to check the blockage, determine what caused the obstruction, and determine the most effective way to clear the blockage. A CCTV Surveys Cheltenham company can help to inspect your drainage without having to dig large holes and cause too much disruption. In most cases, the cause of a blocked drain will be some type of excessive weight or pressure on the pipe connecting the drain to its discharge location.

While there are many potential causes for a blocked drain, the most common are: inadequate flooring drainage design, tree roots and other debris clogging the drain pan, poor maintenance of the drainage system, and structure defects in the main drain line or flushing equipment. If you have had a drain blockage in your home and are not sure what the cause was, contact a professional plumber right away.