Attracting potential buyers to your home

February 26, 2022 12:57 pm


Selling your home is not always easy. Flattering property details and photos may draw potential buyers to your door, but a large number of viewings does not necessarily mean your property will be snapped up quickly. Once you find the property you wish to move to don’t forget to factor in the home buyers report cost visit sites like Sam Conveyancing for more info.

Smarten up the outside

First impressions are everything. A well-tended front garden, a clean front door and pathways cleared of leaves make all the difference. If you share a communal entrance, give that a sweep or hoover.

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Light up your home

Make sure your home looks inviting. If the viewing is after dark, put the light on inside your porch or hallway and make sure your house number or name is clearly lit. Check all outdoor lighting is working. Indoors, keep curtains and blinds open while there is daylight outside to make the most of the natural light in your home.

Keep the focus on your property

Turn off the TV, radio and music, and keep children and pets either quiet or out of the house. Potential buyers want to concentrate on the rooms they are viewing – distractions could affect their overall impression.

Clean and tidy

Your property does not need to look freshly decorated, but clean and tidy spaces do make a difference. Wash the windows and woodwork, clean out the kitchen cupboards, and touch up or repair chips in wallpaper and paintwork.

Make sure it is realistic

Too much clutter can make a room look less attractive, but don’t overdo the minimalism. You are selling a home to be lived in, so make sure it looks that way.

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